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Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters is The Doctor Who Project's on-going series of original short stories featuring television Doctors 1-7, and their associated companions.  Come join us as we go back in time for further adventures of Doctors 1 through 7.

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[BE1] Fear The Dark 
Fear The Dark 
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Written by: Robert Mammone

This story features the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

A small team of scientists have been secreted aboard a research station located on a hidden asteroid in deep space. Their mission - successfully test a system designed to created wormholes at will, and enable their government to use it to quickly end a rebellion that is threatening to topple the old order.  When the final test is successful - too successful; it ruptures the fabric of the universe allowing living shadows to cross over.  When the third Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive, they discover the remnants of an investigative team sent to discover what went wrong.  Initially under suspicion, the Doctor and Sarah team up with the surviving investigator and work together to drive the creatures back into their own dimension and seal the breach before every living being has been consumed. 

[BE2] Symbiosis 
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Written by: John Davies

This story features the Second Doctor, Ben and Polly

Nobody could ever question Ben Jackson's loyalty.  In the navy and now in time and space, he was someone to be trusted, someone to have on your side.  He was unshakable. With Polly and the Doctor, this trait had become symbiotic.  Together, they were a team, a unit - rock solid in taking care of each other no matter what the Universe may throw their way.  And right now, as Ben moves quietly through an alien control room, this solidarity is needed more than ever.  Polly has been captured.  Imprisoned by the Emod, her only hope of salvation rests with Ben and the Doctor.  However, as time passes and Polly's would be rescuers strive to reach her, Ben finds himself undergoing a personal trial of faith.

[BE3] Monkey Cups
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Written by: Dan Tessier

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

The Doctor and Peri take a trip to nineteenth century Borneo in search of the fabled Rafflesia flower - a seemingly harmless trip that takes a turn for the worse when they encounter British explorer Professor Crumb and a group of deadly Iban warriors.  However, the true threat is something very different - something that isn't human.  The travellers discover that evolution doesn't always run quite the same course across the Universe.

[BE4] This Is How The World Ends
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Written by: Robert Mammone

This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri

Answering a distress signal from a distant planet, the Doctor and Peri find themselves intertwined in the lives of two of the colonists who harbour great hopesfor the future and a terrible secret from the past.  With the planet slowly dying, the Doctor wrestles with a decision which will have a lasting impact on the lives of those he seeks to rescue, as well as for himself. 


[BE5] Canary In A Coal Mine 
Canary In A Coal Mine
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Written by: Ian Wheeler

This story features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

Traveling through time is not without its hazards.

When the Doctor is forced to bring the TARDIS out of the space/time vortex, in what should have been a routine rematerialization goes horribly wrong.  The time machine has materialized in a part of space already occupied by another object, and it's all going to get rather messy. As the TARDIS, and the other vessel, struggle to co-exist, strange things start to happen. Whilst the Doctor tries to control the situation in the console room, Ace must travel alone into the bowels of the TARDIS on a terrifying journey. Her deadly mission will challenge not only her own resolve, but will her friendship with the Doctor as it has never been tested before! What is the other object? Can it destroy the TARDIS? Can the Time Lord's friendship with his companion survive?  And why is Ace turning into a dog?

[BE6] It's Behind You!
It's Behind You
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Written by: John Callaghan

The village of Frangeford has a quaint local legend - two hundred years ago a benevolent alien foiled an invasion attempted by giant blue lizards.  Louise Ethers, the local librarian, plans to celebrate, but not all the locals want the event remembered...

[BE7] The Man of Many Faces
The Man of Many Faces
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Written by: Steve Oliver

The Doctor wants to show Peri that the universe isn't all dangerous, and so promises to take her to a tropical planet untouched by civilisation. However, the TARDIS mistakenly lands on Khranos Prime, a human-colony world in the 22nd century - but something is wrong. What should be a thriving metropolis is inhabited solely by worker robots. With Peri struggling to come to terms with the Doctor's newly regenerated persona, together they investigate.  


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