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[10W] The Web of Time
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Written by: Robert Mammone

Returning to Gallifrey via the Timescoop, the Doctor seeks vengeance on the High Council for their actions in "Journey's End".  But his task is interrupted by the reappearance of Silver.  But this is not the Silver he knows - something more alien and sinister.  Barely escaping with his life, the Doctor stumbles across a young orphan girl named Alienka.  Together, they journey to the Capital, intent on seeking answers to the mystery around them.

In the Capital, the mystery only deepens, for not only has the High Council vanished, but so have every Time Lord.  The Capital is now a shadow haunted place, full of old memories and creatures that stalk the empty halls.  As they journey towards the heart of the city, the Panopticon, they discover that a monstrous creature is weaving a new web of time, anchored on one side by the Matrix and on the other by the Eye of Harmony.

Soon the Doctor is in a race against time to purge the Matrix of a race of extra-dimensional creatures known as the Teteo-Colotl before they are able to bind the Eye of Harmony to their web.  But not all is as it seems.  Before this adventure is finished, the Doctor will question not only the very nature of reality itself, but also his own motivations.

[10X] The Wax Museum
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Written by: Jez Strickley

Intent on taking his mind off of recent events, the Doctor pays a visit to the Celestial Exhibition, a rare showcase of artwork from across the Milky Way Galaxy. The Exhibition’s favourite son is the master-sculptor Nanos Mortich, a man for whom art is everything. Mortich specialises in waxwork models of the rich and famous - waxworks which just so happen to be atomically perfect. Suspicious of Mortich’s latest exhibit, the Doctor decides to take an unguided tour of the sculptor’s famous Wax Museum. However, the Doctor’s arrival is exactly what Mortich has been waiting for... Why are Mortich’s waxworks so lifelike? And just what sort of trap has the Doctor walked into this time?

[10Y] The Box of Secrets
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Written by: Will Harvey

All the Doctor wanted was a peaceful holiday on Tensira, but fate conspires against him once again.  Accidentally finding himself in the Imperial throne room, he can’t resist showing off his knowledge and realises too late that he’s just added his name to the top of the Emperor’s list.  A list of scientists who are expected to open a mysterious, indestructible box... or die for their failure.  The Emperor, his sanity dissolving in paranoia and isolation, has convinced himself that the box’s unknown contents are the only thing which can keep him safe.  He has killed his own subjects in pursuit of his obsession, and will kill as many more as it takes.  Rebellion and assassination hang heavy in the air.  Someone is going to die, it seems, and soon.  It may be that the best the Doctor can do is choose who it is to be.

[10Z] The Goyellercanth
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Written by: Simon Birks

Once upon a time a man named the Doctor did a shameful thing, something he had to do to save the lives of an entire planet. Now the guilt has come back to haunt him in the shape of a sphere; a silver sphere on its own journey home.  But rectifying the problem is not going to be easy; scatter over space and time are others affected by it; manipulated by it; changed by it.  Now they are coming together: Pamanzi, a trader with a hidden past; Jeremiah, a man drive to insanity in the search for his missing family; and the Goyellercanth herself.  The Doctor is lost, following the instincts of a sphere, its instincts of survival, and hoping, at last, that he is doing the right thing...

[11A] Questions
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Written by: Bob Furnell & Jez Strickley

A visit to the Gamma-Magna star system triggers an unexpected turn of events as the TARDIS is penetrated by a deadly foe who is able to unpack the Dcotor's memories at will.  Forced to make a dark and disturbing journey down memory lane, the Doctor is confronted by long-gone companions and adversaries, as his anonymous interrogator seeks to discover what makes the Time Lord tick.  As the Doctor struggles to distinguish reality from fiction, a deadly game of questions ensues which threatens to destory him.

[11B] 2009 Christmas Special - And the Child Shall Lead Him
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Written by: Samantha Warner & Karen Kalbacher

On the planet Kalen, the people are at peace.  Everyone is gathering for their highest holiday, a celebration of light, family and honour.  But on the very eve of the festivities, their peace is broken by a race of creatures that seem to resemble Death himself.  The Doctor, heartsick with past events, decides that it's time for a long rest, but it seems fate has other plans for him.  Rather than finding himself in a peaceful setting, he's thrust headlong into Kalen's troubles.  Who are the alien invaders?  Will the Doctor be able to pierce through the falling shadows?  And, who is the young woman that seems to know all about the Doctor? 

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